Visit this beautiful place – Britzer Garten. It´s time for enjouing the beautiful side of nature and reset themselves.

Dachstein West/ Krippenstein

Dachstein West is area in the border area of ​​Upper Austria and Salzburg. It stretches between Gosau, Rußbach and Annaberg.

Hallstatt am See

Hallstatt impresses with its historically picturesque old town on the lake. It owes its existence to the mighty salt chambers that were discovered there more than 4,000 years ago. The „white gold“ is mined today in the „oldest salt mine in the world“.

# the baltic sea

Welcome 2019. Let´s start this new year with stormy gusts and gigatic waves on the baltic sea. It´s so impressive to see this natural phenomenon and characterize for the athmopshere of the baltic sea.

#Rügen, Germany

sunset at the beach of Rømø, Denmark

Römö is one of the most beautiful island of the danish north sea with wide white beaches and natural dunes. In autumn hardly tourist visit the island and it´s probable that you get in contact with native people.  #


It´s Autumn…

#leaves on the ground – autumn

What for a wonderful time inspired from beautiful rich color, crazy nature forms and cold foggy air.  I love this season.

netherlands  – short facts

Homemade breakfast consisting of japanese rapsberries and blackberries. Delicious!  This summer is the hottest since 250 years, at the afternoon everyone enjoy the time outside. The water level in the surrounding shackles (Schloten) is falling, because the agriculture uses every option to save their crops.

This is one of the fantastic view of the Markermeer. The special thing about this sea is that it is a 700 km2 freshwater lake. The Markerwaarddijk (built 1976) seperates the Markermeer from the IJsselmeer in the north.

The most beautifull gracht in Amsterdam is the Prinsengracht. Characteristical are the many houseboats, whose history goes back to the sailors. Most of them are over hundret years old and a symbol of trading in the past.

escape from urban life

In the north of Brandenburg extends the UckermarkTwo thirds of the area are under special protection as National Natural Landscapes.  A wonderful way to escape from urban life. 

The Lübbesee extends over 10 km length of Ahlimbsmühle to Templin. The lake invites city children to go fishing and swimming. Time to discover the nature and the animals, who live there.

Take time to stay here.